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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sports In Translation (1): Advice for Soccer Players Going Abroad

I have made the decision to begin offering full excerpts of my electronic report, Sports In Translation. Here is the first installment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message via Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter!

When I embarked upon my dream to become a professional soccer player, I knew that my journey would include international training and playing experiences. However, I didn’t know how these opportunities would arise.

One day, I saw a book in the bookstore, and the rest was history. My purchase of Brazilian Soccer Principles by Thadeau Gonçalves set me on a course that landed me in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a female soccer club.

The excitement of training and playing in Brazil was confronted by some challenging realities. Adjusting to a new daily routine that didn’t include constant contact with familiar surroundings, friends and family was hard. Feeling helpless when trying to overcome the negative stigma of being an American was frustrating. Moreover, learning to overcome cultural differences came with its share of trial and error.

Since my first international athletic experience, I have continued drawing upon the lessons learned in Brazil as I continue my playing and training abroad. No trip is without its learning curve, and I often share my new knowledge on my social networks.
This openness has allowed me to connect with fellow athletes who find themselves in far flung places learning many of the same lessons. It is with this common experience that I offer to you this electronic report.

Perhaps, you are a coach, trainer, or player who has recently received an opportunity take your passion for your sport to a new country and culture. Or you are a parent, agent or publicist for a sports professional, and you want to lend your support so that your child or client handles the transition successfully. The opportunity can lead everyone involved to feel excited and nervous at the same time.

No worries. The goal of Sports In Translation is to give you the power to overcome the nervousness associated with the unknown. Knowledge is power, and armed with the information located in these pages, you will be able to focus on your athletic performance, seize the opportunities to learn a new culture and harness this experience to build friendships and business alliances.

Sports In Translation is now available as an electronic download for $3.99 on

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