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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Musician Sting Promotes Hope Is A Game Changer

Musical legend Sting joins the blogosphere for the very first time as a contributor to Sting's blog details his work with philanthropist Bobby Sager.

Sting's blog, "Sting and Sager Deliver Hope for the Holidays," is the magazine's first foray into celebrity blogging. Sting's words will also be translated for the magazine's global websites, including Reader's Digest Poland, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India, Taiwan/Hong Kong, and Canada.

The blog entry petitions readers to look inward and ask themselves whether they are doing enough to help someone else in the world. Sting tells of his own deep connection to the Hope Is a Game Changer project, which he founded with Sager to deliver thousands of indestructible soccer balls to children in need around the world.

Within the blog, Sting describes his relationship with Sager and his book The Power of the Invisible Sun, the proceeds of which go entirely toward the Hope Is a Game Changer project. "Bobby and I share the unwavering belief that hope really is a game changer, especially for children," Sting writes. "We believe that each indestructible ball delivered will come to represent a lasting symbol of hope. A light no matter how small--that is the power of the invisible sun."

To view Sting's blog, visit

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sony Brings 3D FIFA 2010 Experience to Rio

Want to enjoy the total FIFA 2010 experience without leaving the sandy beaches of Copacabana? Now, you can.

Sony Corporation and FIFA are collaborating to produce the world's first FIFA World Cup(TM) in 3D. Up to 25 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa(TM) matches will be produced using Sony's 3D professional cameras, which will provide coverage of the action that is unprecedented in depth, vividness and excitement to people around the world.

Viewers will be able to enjoy 3D experiences at the following locations:

- During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, FIFA will host the "International FIFA
Fan Fest(TM)" public viewing events in 7 cities around the world (Berlin,
London, Mexico City, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, and Sydney). At Sony's
commercial displays located within the "Fan Fest," people will be able to
enjoy and experience promotional highlight trailers of the FIFA World Cup
in 3D.

- In anticipation of the Official 3D Film, viewers will be able to watch
promotional trailers for the film of the World Cup in 3D at retail
outlets(including Sony stores) that sell Sony products around the world.

- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to produce and distribute the
Official 3D Film on the Blu-ray Disc*[1] and other formats.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walmart Officially Joins the World Cup 2010 Team

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has announced that it will join the World Cup 2010 sponsorship team. The global, low price retailer will operate 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) Official Event Stores in nearly all of its retail markets around the world. The retailer will feature FIFA event branded shops inside select stores that will offer exclusive FIFA World Cup(TM) official licensed products and host special events leading up to the games.

All 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) branded merchandise will be customized for the country where it will be sold. With everything from hats and bags, to soccer balls and T-shirts, fans who visit the shops will be able to support their team like never before.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

INTERSPORT Brings Africa to Paris

Do you dream of seeing your African squad? INTERSPORT, the world's leading Sports Retailer, is bringing your Black Stars, Les Elephants and Indomitable Lions to the "City of Lights."

INTERSPORT announced a new partnership agreement to cooperate with three major PUMA African Football Federations: Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

Starting with the Orange African Cup of Nations, INTERSPORT will sponsor a host of online and in-store activities for fans. The marquee event will be the unique "African experience", which will bring Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon to Paris in preparation for the FIFA World Cup.

Mark your calendars for footballer sightings, interviews and training camp sneak peaks in Paris.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sony Ericsson Mash Up: World Cup 2010 + Twitter = Twitter Cup

On December 4th, Sony Ericsson, the Official Mobile Handset of the 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM), introduced a new way for soccer fans in the Unites States to get behind their team online through a unique social networking initiative.

The Sony Ericsson Twitter Cup will see the 32 teams competing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, battle it out in an online tournament where the fans decide who will win. Fans will be able to participate in this exciting competition either online or via their mobile handset.

To get team your squad through each round, fans need to show their support by tweeting. The team with the most Tweets in each round will prevail and go on to the next stage, regardless of how the real team fares in South Africa.

Join the Mash Up at Sony Ericcson Twitter Cup.

Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Appreciation: 2010 Fine Art

As mentioned in the most recent edition of the Eat Soccer! News Page, I am playing Holiday Helper for all of those soccer fans out there. Wouldn't it be nice to receive a unique gift that is an embodiment of your football passion?

2010 Fine Art is a South African company that collaborated with investors, curators, galleries and artists to provide official FIFA licensed art for World Cup 2010. The company is combining the creative talents of 160 of the world’s leading contemporary artists into one exceptional international collection and providing African artists with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to market their talents to international audiences through the platform of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

You can view artwork, learn about the artists and contact 2010 Fine Art to reserve your selection.

The two pieces shown in this blog entry are entitled "Live on TV" (Anthony Mutheki-Kenya) and "Gimme" (Ian Zyl-South Africa).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sign On to Adidas' Unite Mzansi Unite Campaign

In November, Adidas unveiled its new kit design for Bafana Bafana, South Africa's national team. The project is aimed at uniting all South Africans in support of both the football tournament and national team Bafana Bafana. The word Mzansi is isiZulu for “south”, and is commonly used to refer to South Africa.

To promote the campaign, the sportswear giant has created a huge replica of the official Bafana Bafana jersey. It is currently touring South Africa in a large, specially branded Adidas truck and will make stops in all nine host cities, as well as towns in between.

About 300 stops have been planned in total. The tour visits Cape Town in December, where the final draw for the World Cup will take place alongside the unveiling of the official match ball, another Adidas design.

Adidas has put the call out to all South Africans to show their support for the national team by signing the jersey when it is in their area.

Fans who can’t make it in person will have the option of signing digitally online or via mobile, or at selected retail outlets. There are already over 9,500 signatures on the giant jersey.

Tour stops will coincide with other festivities such as football games on mini pitches and goal kicking competitions. A host of prizes will also be up for grabs.

Supporters can keep track of the tour's progress by following its Twitter stream. The official UMU website also provides a detailed itinerary.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rangers vs. Chile: Who Should Win?

The road to World Cup 2010 is getting more exciting by the minute. A Thierry Henry hand ball? FIFA's refusal to make Ireland the first #33. Now, we turn to South America and the CONMEBOL.

Newly relegated to the second division, Chilean club Rangers has less than 48 hours to make a decision that will affect the World Cup 2010 hopes of an ENTIRE nation.

Chile could be kicked out of the World Cup unless Chilean club Rangers drops a court case by Dec. 3 contesting its disputed demotion to the second division of the national soccer league.

CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American soccer, said Thursday it was notified by FIFA about the possible sanction.

Rangers were deducted three points for using six foreign players - the limit is five - in a league match on Nov. 8. The three points cost them relegation to the second division, and last week they appealed the case to a Chilean court.

Chile, which has not played in the World Cup since 1998, is one of five South American nations that have qualified for next year's tournament in South Africa.

Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay have also qualified.

The appeal by Rangers has forced the Chilean league to suspend play in its postseason playoffs.

"If Rangers don't drop the case, then FIFA could expel (the national federation) because they can't expel a club," Harold Mayne-Nicholls, president of the Chilean federation, said on radio Agricultura. "This could bring consequences that would be deadly for Chilean football."

Is it really worth the fight, Rangers? Readers, let me know what you think.