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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Need a Soccer Ball? Make One!

Lack is a powerful motivator. Can you recall the last time you were missing the ingredient for a recipe or without a goal or short on cash and had to improvise? Well, I have. One time, while living in Los Angeles, I used a metal bowl and cable cord to clear the static in my television so I could clearly see the Oscar’s Red Carpet coverage!

ChildFund International is a global child development and protection agency, helping the world's deprived, excluded and vulnerable children survive and thrive in order to reach their full potential. The organization’s current traveling exhibit called “The Power to Play” showcases children’s ability to create toys out of discarded trash. For those soccer fans, the exhibit includes soccer balls made by children from plastic bags and twine.

More than 75 handcrafted toys will be on display at Atlanta’s own Bremen Museum from October 18th through January 10, 2010. To learn more about the entire 350 piece collection, visit

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