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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forest Green Rovers Puts a Stop on Red Meat

When Dale Vince took over as owner of the Forest Green Rovers, few knew how far reaching his dietary preferences would be. It wasn’t too long before everyone found out.

The boss, who doesn’t partake in meat or dairy products, issued an order to his players forbidding them to eat red meat. It was a decision aimed to improve the health and performance of the players.

Now, this policy has extended to the fans. The cottage pies, burgers and sausages are no longer an option at half time. Sustainably produced chicken and fish accompany lentil burgers on the new menu.

As a man who made his fortune in alternative power, Vince hopes that these dietary changes will not only improve everyone’s palette’s but make the Blue Square Bet Premier club more environmentally friendly.

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