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Friday, February 25, 2011

From Sports Illustrated to FIFA Presidency: Wahl Runs for Opportunity of a Lifetime

When sportswriters draft their career plans, it is safe to assume that becoming the head honcho of a sports governing body does not enter the equation. However, Grant Wahl's recent actions may be just the catalyst to raise the bar for many of his peers.

Wahl, a sportwriter for Sports Illustrated, has publicly announced his bid to become the President of FIFA, the highest post in the international soccer world. It sounds like a tall order, and quite a long shot for an American guy who has never held an executive post in any national soccer association. Nevertheless, Wahl is hoping that the level of discontent within the global soccer community for Sepp Blatter's leadership decision will be just the ingredient to validate his chances.

To be formally considered for candidacy, Wahl needs to secure 1 nomination from a FIFA Association country by the April 1st deadline. He hopes that his positions on transparency, shirtless celebrations, instant replay and female inclusion in the FIFA governing body will allow him to cross the first obstacle to obtaining the post.

Out of the 208 FIFA Association countries, which do you think would consider giving him a public nod for the opportunity to run? We look forward to hearing your thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy this Grant Wahl for President video.

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