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Friday, November 13, 2009

Brandon Culpepper Mentors Footballers on Courage

For the second episode of my international radio broadcast Eat Soccer!, I had the wonderful opportunity to introduce the listeners to one of the most courageous, motivated athletes I know. Brandon Culpepper is an American football player, and he took time out of his busy NFL schedule to give soccer players tips on how they can develop the courage to pursue their dreams to play soccer.

In my own personal soccer journey, I have received advice and mentorship from athletes, business moguls, ministers, trainers, massage therapists, bus drivers, computer name it! I believe everyone can teach you something.

So although Brandon's football is oblong and our football is circular, the actions that he has taken, to build and act on his courage to approach NFL coaches and further his professional sports career, is something we can all learn from.

If you want to continue following Culpepper in his courageous NFL journey, follow him on his blog Culpepper's Dreams and Goals Are Reality or become his friend on Facebook.

The new episode (2) is loaded on the podcast player above. Enjoy the interview!

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