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Monday, November 30, 2009

Vickie Torrey's Self Massage Tips for Footballers

On November 19th, our WRMI shortwave and Internet radio listeners had the opportunity to learn self-help, self-health tips from international massage expert Vickie Torrey. Ms. Torrey used her healing hands to work on the overworked muscles of a number of athletes during her tenure with Carolina Integrated Health in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, she travels the world teaching others how to heal their own bodies through self massage and positive affirmations.

As athletes, we will push our bodies to the limit with the thousands of hours that we spend doing individual and team training. In this interview, Ms. Torrey teaches us easy ways to use self-massage to prevent injury, rid our bodies of stress and perform at our optimal level.

If you want to learn more about Vickie Torrey's massage work, healing experiences and international teaching adventures, become her friend on Facebook (Vickie Torrey), follow her on her blog Mystic Hands or check out her interactive e-book, Live Love Heal!

To listen to this episode of Eat Soccer! Click Here

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  1. Massage is very important and just like experts say, it is more than just a form of relaxation. I agree on the part that we don't have to push our bodies to the limit and from time to time, we must take a break.

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