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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Musician Sting Promotes Hope Is A Game Changer

Musical legend Sting joins the blogosphere for the very first time as a contributor to Sting's blog details his work with philanthropist Bobby Sager.

Sting's blog, "Sting and Sager Deliver Hope for the Holidays," is the magazine's first foray into celebrity blogging. Sting's words will also be translated for the magazine's global websites, including Reader's Digest Poland, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India, Taiwan/Hong Kong, and Canada.

The blog entry petitions readers to look inward and ask themselves whether they are doing enough to help someone else in the world. Sting tells of his own deep connection to the Hope Is a Game Changer project, which he founded with Sager to deliver thousands of indestructible soccer balls to children in need around the world.

Within the blog, Sting describes his relationship with Sager and his book The Power of the Invisible Sun, the proceeds of which go entirely toward the Hope Is a Game Changer project. "Bobby and I share the unwavering belief that hope really is a game changer, especially for children," Sting writes. "We believe that each indestructible ball delivered will come to represent a lasting symbol of hope. A light no matter how small--that is the power of the invisible sun."

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